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June 17th 2019 Joey Moore lost his fight against melanoma. Joey was diagnosed with melanoma in January 2016. It originated from a mole on his chest. He underwent surgery,  and immunotherapy treatments, and was cancer free for 3 years. In December 2019 Joey suffered a seizure while at work and that’s how we discovered the melanoma had returned and was in his brain. Joey fought so hard to stay here with us. He had the biggest heart and was the most kind and appreciative patient. He genuinely loved his doctors, nurses and techs who fought along side him.  Before Joey was diagnosed in January 2016 I never thought about melanoma, the risk, or screenings. Now more than ever I understand the importance of educating about melanoma, offering free melanoma screenings for people, raising awareness and funds to fight this aggressive killer. In honor of Joey I would love to invite you to join Team        Joey Moore and help us reach our goal of $2000.00 for the Melanoma Know More organization.