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I was diagnosed in 2009 with Melanoma. I completely freaked out, as did my high school-aged son who helped me get through the initial shock. My oldest was off to college so my baby boy became my therapist and my nurse mate ... in short, my ROCK !! I had just lost my oldest sister to the H1N1 flu and frankly, I was a mess. Thank you Phillip for being the most amazing son a mother could ever hope for.

Fortunately, I'm one of the lucky ones ... my melanoma was a thin one and it was surgically removed with wide excision soon after diagnosis. No lymph node involvement, thank goodness. Quick in... quick out, right?  Nope.

A few years later while waiting in line to order my lunch at Chipotle in Blue Ash, Ohio, I met the Executive Director of Melanoma Know More, Leanne Blair. She was sporting her MKM race t-shirt and so we started chatting while standing in a very long line. I gave her my business card and bought her lunch that day. I told her 'I merely settle litigated insurance claims ... you save lives everyday.'  

So, ever since encountering that long line at Chipotle, I have served on the Board of Melanoma Know More. I have never felt better about serving a non-profit board. It's a wonderful and well-run organization comprised of amazingly strong, brave and very nice people. Since joining MKM, we have lost two of our board members to recurrence. I now get work with their children, who have replaced them on the Board. Talk about coming full circle !!  It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of the Melanoma Know More organization. 


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