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Hi, my name is Kayla. I was first diagnosed with melanoma in January 2018 at only 24 years old. I am a wife and also a mother of two. I had this spot on the back of my leg that just kept growing, it was about the size of a quarter. Not thinking anything of it, I just chalked it up to being a scar from possibly cutting myself while shaving. I have acne and I was tired of it so I decide to make an appointment to the dermatologist. While I was there I said hey since we’re here can you just take a quick look and make sure this spot is okay. The assistant let me know they may not have time to take a peek I may have to make another appointment😒 I let her know I didn’t want to do that we could look today. You could see the concern on the Dr face when she looked, I believe she knew right away. She also found another spot on my breast which I had no idea about or seen. She took a biopsy of both areas and the wait began. She told me it MIGHT be melanoma but we would have to wait for the results. Of course I went home and did my research! In my head like I’m sure a lot of people it’s “just skin cancer.” Come to learn it is not JUST SKIN CANCER! Yes, it is the number one curable cancer IF caught early. But if not it spreads like wild fire! I am one case that thankfully caught it at in situ! It was a rough surgery and healing process but I am standing strong and here to make awareness that melanoma is not JUST SKIN CANCER! We need to be more aware! It can happen to anyone, anytime, any age, and race! I decided to help raise awareness with my friends/family by running the flying pig and raising money for the cause. I have to raise $150 minimum, and all proceeds go to melanoma research. If you have it in your heart to help the cause please donate to my run. Thank you all for your time in reading my story😘


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